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"Reverend Britni Johnson is a persuasive, passionate, purposeful, and powerful woman of God who leads by example, encourages through God’s word, and is prayerful in all of her undertakings. She is well prepared for any assignment given to her both spiritually and academically. She prepares thoroughly for preaching assignments and employs sound scriptural doctrine, memorable examples, and her message appeals to a cross-section of hearers of her sermons."

Leonard Sanders, Deacon

"Reverend Britni Johnson delivers messages that inspire you to change your life. They penetrate your soul and provoke you to think about how to implement them in your daily walk. She gets to the heart of the matter with straight truth and no-nonsense." 

Ella Redmond

"Britni connects with young adults in a way that is relatable as well as inspiring. Her teaching and preaching are both thought-provoking and insightful. She possesses a desire for the things of God that many young women like myself aspire to emulate."

Tamara Clark, National United Methodist Women Treasurer

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