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Striving to reach the real and relevant needs of all through her service, witness, and ministry

Dr. Britni Michelle Johnson

Being & Becoming is the online sacred space where Dr. Britni leads us on a journey of spiritual metamorphosis. Believing that what we will be has not yet appeared and knowing that one day we shall be like Christ, Dr. Britni created a space for spiritual growth and human flourishing. We are a people coming together for true relational community, spiritual sharpening, and social betterment.


A pioneer in developing theologies for the understanding and practice of ministry in cyberspaces, Dr. Britni is a reference and a resource for online ministry. 

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An advocate for justice, Dr. Britni invites you to the blue chair for critical and candid conversations that explore social, cultural, and political matters affecting African American communities and the Church.

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Creating opportunities for learning and fellowship, Dr. Britni serves as the Director of the DIscipleship Department at Victory Grace Center, in Bowie, MD. She equips and enables servant leaders to grow believers to spiritual maturity and transformation. 


Min. Taylor Gaskins

"Rev. Britni Johnson has a true heart for God and for people. She preaches and teaches in such a powerful way, and her authenticity and wisdom in her ministry and life lead people to God's truth and direction. Whether in Sunday school, in the pulpit, or in regular conversations, God has placed in her both a light and a desire to help His people, that is so special and treasured by those who know her and her work."

Mr. Lucius Morris

"I used to believe only men were called to preach the word of God but little did I know when I was on the border of giving up on the church, I was led to Gethsemane Baptist Church where Rev. Britni Johnson was ministering. She demonstrated to me her belief, faith, and trust in God, where I was about to give up my effort. Immediately, I wanted to acquire these virtues. Over the past 2 years, I have become fulfilled in her teaching and preaching."

Rev. Daryl M. Washington, M.Div

"Rev. Dr. Britni Johnson is a student of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has compassion to teach and preach to edify the body of Christ. She is a woman of prayer and has made it a lifestyle. Rev. Johnson is a great example of dedication to the body of Christ. "

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